Which is the type of tension of the distribution network :
A three-phase electrical motor posting 230⁄400, 230 corresponds to :
Which type of tension provides a battery :
A dynamo produces which type of tension :
The impedance is written of that way :
Which differential detects the components continuous :
Which is the mechanically returned power of an engine :
Which of these 3 photovoltaic cells to the best electric output :
How much class of circuit breaker low tension exists :
The equivalent resistance of its 4 resistances in parallel is of : (R1 = 8ohm, R2 = 20ohm, R3 = 6ohm, R4 = 14ohm)
Which type of transformer to a galvanic insulation :
How much has to you it there mode of neutral :
The resistance of a conductor increases with a rise of the temperature :
Which is the unit of luminous flow derived from the international system :
Which is the unit for the quantity of heat during one second by a resistance of one ohm to cross by an intensity of an amp :
One can lowered a continuous tension with a transformer :
How much has you there it of electric class of protection :
How you one names it effect which results from the expulsion of the magnetic fields by a superconductor :
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